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The latest security cameras

Commercial and business security camera systems

Keep your eye on everything around your business with the latest in business security camera systems and video technology. Professionally installed and maintained by Guardian Alarm, business security camera systems are the first line of defense to help you stop crime before it happens. Stay aware and receive mobile alerts of activities like tracking deliveries in your receiving area, people loitering around your property, and more.

Person watching security cameras of his offices

Security cameras

Security cameras and the latest video technology create that first line of defense you need for your business. Watch live camera feeds and get alerts when your cameras detect someone unexpected on your property. You can also transform the way you manage your business by gaining insights from your security cameras. Create video monitoring rules around movement, crowd gatherings, tracking customer wait times, and more.

Plus, Guardian Alarm will install, test, and maintain your business security camera system and provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

Indoor Cameras
Outdoor Cameras
Security Panel Camera

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Stay aware of all activities going on inside your home with motion-activated indoor cameras. While you can watch footage from anywhere on the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app, you can receive personalized alerts from your kids coming home from school to your pets getting into certain things they’re not supposed to.

Boss watching coffee shop from Guardian Alarm App

Detecting the first signs of a threat has never been easier with outdoor cameras. Before a burglar attempts to break into your home or car, you’ll receive a mobile alert the moment your cameras detect their presence. Plus, you can even scare them away using two-way voice communication from your panel or mobile device.

Get the latest camera and video technology right from your built-in security panel camera. Featuring an 8MP camera, you can customize various features, such as disarm photos with facial recognition, adjusting the camera angle with FlexTilt, watching up to four minutes of on-demand video footage, and more. Call today.MyGuardianApp Portal for safe and secure business

Video analytics

While your security cameras are a great first line of defense, the latest video analytics use your cameras to alert you when they detect people, animals, or vehicles on your property. Video analytics will even avoid false triggers like falling leaves, moving branches, or passing cars. You can even customize your cameras to detect facial recognition which can keep you aware of those trying to come inside. See what’s happening everywhere, from anywhere, with intelligent, helpful video alerts and a full view of important activity.

Multiple security camera views of offices across the United States


MyGuardianVideo makes it easy for anyone to monitor high-resolution security cameras through a desktop or any connected mobile device. Start your journey with this video solution and continue adding features to create a customized security system for your business. Plus, MyGuardianVideo comes equipped with the latest video analytics to detect people and filter out nuisance activity, such as rain or shadows.

Real-time video monitoring

Discover how video monitoring of your business and property can save you money and prevent theft. With Virtual Guardian remote video monitoring, our team of video analysts will monitor your business when you are closed. With advanced analytics, our team will know immediately if an unauthorized person or vehicle attempts to access your property. We will then speak to the perpetrators to deter their activity while alerting your local police department.

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