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Home video surveillance and video analytics

Delivery person detected on video doorbell at the front door

The latest video analytics ensure that your home security cameras detect the presence of people, animals, and vehicles at your home. Avoid false triggers like falling leaves, moving branches or passing cars. See what’s happening everywhere, from anywhere, with intelligent, helpful video alerts and a whole-home view of important activity.

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View live and recorded video of both indoor and outdoor cameras.

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Customized video alerts and more insight with less interruption.

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See and talk to your visitors through your desktop or mobile device.

Why video analytics?

As advanced as today’s security cameras have become, the technology they use enhances security and alarm responses while keeping you in the know. No matter what, your home video surveillance is always on the lookout and will notify you if anyone or anything unexpected approaches your home.

Here’s what video analytics can track:

  • Vehicles coming in and out of your driveway
  • Your kids when they leave the yard
  • Someone approaching your front door
  • Anyone loitering around your home
  • Pets running away or causing trouble
Cat detected on security camera


Watch your cameras from anywhere

If you’d like to monitor your home more closely from anywhere, the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app gives you full access to your security cameras, video monitoring, alerts, and more. Customize your security cameras through the app and program other features like disarm photo alerts, a daily visual summary of alarm activity through Highlights, and more.


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With home security from Guardian Alarm, you’re always in control. Our video surveillance systems monitor all points of entry, detect motion, and sound the alarm in the event of an intrusion. Call today to learn more.

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Since 1930, Guardian Alarm has provided homeowners with local, monitored security solutions for homes and families of all sizes.

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