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Reduce losses and protect your property

Whether you run a jewelry store or a supermarket, most of your investment focuses on overhead and inventory. Protecting your inventory against theft, ensuring that all transactions are carried out fully and legally, and optimizing employee productivity are the keys to success in retail. Our integrated retail security systems reduce losses, protect your property, and provide profitability.

Take the hassle out of monitoring and maintaining the security of your business and know that you’re partnering with a company that puts the safety of you, your employees, and your facilities first.

Improve service and increase efficiency

Guardian Alarm provides the information needed to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency. We use the latest technology to increase production and improve the shopping experience of your customers. We offer solutions from heat mapping to identify areas of your store where customers spend the most time, to determining how many people are in your store at any one time.

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Protect your bottom line

Our retail security systems help protect your bottom line: your customers and employees. Where there’s a good amount of cash inside your business, there is also a significant risk that a burglary occurs, which threatens the safety of customers and employees. A daily cash flow in a retail establishment is more frequent than in any other type of business, so it’s obvious the need for a reliable and integrated security system that can reduce the risk of cash loss.

Smart security systems designed for retail

Alarm Insights & Awareness

Get real-time alerts of all alarm triggers and movement in sensitive or restricted areas. See graphs of your busiest times of day to help with staffing decisions.

Fire & Life Safety

Guardian Alarm uses the latest technology to monitor and alert authorities when smoke, fire, or carbon monoxide are present in your building.

Smart Automation

Using smart automation in your security system, you can arm your system, watch live or recorded security camera footage, and control lighting, door locks, the thermostat, and more… all in one place.

Cameras & Video

With the latest video technology, your cameras are always online and recording. Plus, you can watch live camera feeds and receive alerts when your cameras detect someone unexpected on your property.

Video Analytics

Transform the way you protect your business with Business Activity Analytics. Use your cameras to monitor traffic flow and the movement of people across multiple locations to help you make informed decisions.

Video Monitoring

Keep your property protected with 24/7 video monitoring. Virtual Guardian uses real-time video voice communication between your location and our highly trained ARC™ video monitoring analysts. Protect your facilities, employees, property, and brand from any potential crime.

Access Control

Guardian Alarm’s access control integrates with leading brands so you don’t have to replace locks or readers. You can create custom access for employees and get mobile alerts when someone unexpectedly attempts to enter restricted areas. You can even add or revoke access from anywhere.

Work with a name you trust

To start protecting you, your staff, and your business, call Guardian Alarm today.

How can a retail security system help your business?

  • Watch one or more camera feeds of each store department, promotional displays, and more in real-time, and continuously record footage.
  • Closely monitor areas where money is exchanged, like your cash registers.
  • Restrict access to certain areas of your building, like where you keep valuables stored and receive instant alerts when someone accesses these areas.
  • Receive instant alerts when smoke or carbon monoxide is present.
  • Help deter break-ins with door, window, and broken glass sensors along with 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Keep the exterior of your building protected with security cameras and smart video analytics that detect people, animals, and vehicles and send you real-time alerts.
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Keeping you protected… no matter what

Real, monitored protection is unlike anything else. With our leading technology and 24/7 monitoring, Guardian Alarm gives you a new sense of control over your property. The moment your sensors detect any danger, our monitoring team will contact local police, fire, or EMS when you need them.


Control your business at your fingertips

Whether it’s arming or disarming your retail security system after-hours or getting alerts when employees open late, you can control every part of your security system and connected devices through the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app. Catch up with the day’s events remotely—in 30 seconds or less—with Highlights, a quick visual summary of all alarm activity. Call today to learn more.

Coffee shop with a smartphone display of the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app for businesses.
Retail employee left alone in the store feeling safe with Guardian Alarm's Emergency Response System, LoneWorkERS.


Live voice communication at the first sign of a threat

With Guardian Alarm, your employees can feel safer knowing they’re protected and connected to rapid emergency response, even when they’re by themselves. LoneWorkE.R.S. provides live voice communication to Guardian Alarm’s team of security experts who will contact your local police, fire, or E.M.S. during a crisis. 


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Professional Installation

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