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Commercial access control systems

Person opening a door in the office

Monitor and control
who’s in your building

Guardian Alarm’s cloud-based commercial access control system combines intuitive user management with a seamless alarm and video integration. Keep track of all comings and goings while giving employees and visitors the precise level of access they need. Lock doors remotely, assign user codes and monitor activity across every access point in your business. With a single system for access, intrusion, and video, it’s easy.

Take Full Control

Manage users from anywhere

Add or remove lock control and user codes instantly from your panel or mobile device. Assign PIN codes and easily scan badges for interior or exterior doors. Increase efficiency by bulk-adding hundreds of users at once or setting badges to automatically deactivate on a certain date.

Set of keys on a table

Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to keys

Buzz visitors in with your mobile app and create rules to lock doors automatically when your business closes. Protect sensitive areas by restricting entry and receiving notifications when they’re accessed. Guardian Alarm offers a complete line of access devices including card readers, keypads and electric and magnetic locks. Whether you need a complex access control system or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products to meet your business’ needs. 

Multiple displays of the MyGuardianAlarm app

Security Made Easy

It’s an easy enhancement

Smarter access control system integrates with leading hardware brands so that you don’t have to replace locks and card readers or install expensive hardware. Setup is plug-and-play, and our cloud-based platform means no on-site server to maintain.

Complete Protection

Everything works together

Guardian Alarm gives you extra protection and efficiency by integrating access control systems, intrusion, and video monitoring into one intuitive solution. You can disarm your alarm by swiping your access badge, get video alerts when specific doors open, and watch video footage of access events directly from your access history timeline.

Person gaining access to storage area
Person detected and alert sent to business owner


Control your business at your fingertips

All business security systems at Guardian Alarm can connect through the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app. Control everything from arming and disarming your alarm to approving access to your facilities. As employees come and go through access points, you’ll get the personalized alerts you want so that you know exactly who is trying to enter the building. Call today to learn more.


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