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The most effective solution for school emergencies

Concerns about school safety continue to grow, and many security systems do not cover the unique needs of crisis events. Guardian Alarm’s TeachE.R.S. Emergency Response System can help save lives by providing rapid dispatch and response. This can give students and faculty the peace of mind they need in an emergency.

Teacher in front of class wearing Guardian Alarm TeachERS Emergency Response System

Keep the classroom protected

For a limited time, Guardian Alarm will donate emergency response devices to your school when you sign a three-year agreement.

Teacher feeling secure with Guardian Alarm emergency response systems in place

Why TeachE.R.S.?

In an emergency, quick response is everything

During an emergency, TeachE.R.S. provides live communication to Guardian Alarm’s security experts. We’ll immediately contact your local police, fire, or EMS and activate your school’s emergency protocols. TeachE.R.S. can be integrated with other security solutions to create a layered approach to security, safety, and emergency response for your school in real time.

Emergency monitoring

Guardian Alarm’s school security systems can help provide the time your students and faculty need to shelter-in-place. You can add video cameras as an option that allows emergency personnel to access live video remotely and respond more effectively.

Happy teacher wearing TeachERS emergency response system device to protect students
Frustrated teenage female student sitting with head in hands possibly during an emergency response

Protection for any emergency

Guardian Alarm works with school administrators to ensure students and faculty are prepared for any kind of emergency. The most important task is to identify the types of emergencies the school might face.

Active Assailant

Active Killer

Violent Intruder

Missing Child

Health Emergency

Active Shooter

Accident or Injury

Emergency response for
your school, students, and faculty

Group of two outdoor cameras and a TeachE.R.S. device (emergency response system)

School safety grants

There are a variety of federal school safety grants that you may be eligible for to implement TeachE.R.S. in your school. To explore all the available grant opportunities, visit the links below.


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