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Complete Smart Home Automation

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Convert your home into a smart home

Along with your home security system comes innovative smart home system that helps keep your home both safe and convenient. You can arm your system, watch live or recorded security camera footage, and control all your connected devices… all in one place.

Your home… fully automated


Your automated home… on the go

Your entire smart home system is now at your fingertips through the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app. From watching live and recorded security camera feeds to programming certain times your lights come on, you can customize every smart feature of your home to fit your daily routine.

Create your customized alarm system

To create your customized alarm system with features like security cameras, mobile system access, and more, call today for a free consultation.

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Create Your Own System

Build the perfectly connected house

Start small or start with it all! Get yourself adjusted with the basics of our home security system first and keep adding as many products and features as you want. See the features you know you want? Discover more when you speak with one of our security consultants.

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