Fire Inspection & Design

Safeguard your business and create a safer working environment with our first-rate Fire Protection Services.

Fire Inspection & Design

Fire Alarm Device

Guardian’s Fire Protection Team has the highest level of licenses and certifications, and we can design, install, maintain and test fire protection systems, including fire sprinklers, fire alarms, suppression systems and exit and emergency lighting systems. Our professionals have a comprehensive understanding of codes, standards and ordinances and how different conditions may affect a fire inspection. And Guardian’s certified inspectors assist customers for both Acceptance and Annual Inspections.Take charge of any uncertainties and let us support all of your fire protection services.


  • Avoid costly repairs and malfunctioning equipment.
  • Establish a safer working environment while creating job and business security.
  • Provide a secure building for unfamiliar occupants such as visitors, shoppers, clients, etc.
  • Improve resale value and benefit from a better maintained building. It is commonplace for buyers to hire a company to inspect a building prior to purchase to identify potential hidden costs related to fire and life safety.
  • Get a possible reduction in insurance premiums. *


*Some items may be required by both the fire department and your insurance carrier such as annual fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspections verifying proper system maintenance. Many insurance carriers give businesses premium reductions for properly installed and maintained fire protection systems.


The Guardian Guarantee


  • Guardian’s Fire Protection Team will walk you through the entire process step by step.
  • Our team assists each customer with the proper design and permits for the job to ensure the process continues with ease.
  • Guardian Alarm personnel has the industry’s highest level of licenses, certifications and certified inspectors to assist customers for both acceptance and annual inspections.
  • When a fire alarm system is completed there are two types of inspections required by state and federal code.
    • An Acceptance Inspection is performed after a fire alarm system has been installed or modified.
    • An Annual Inspection is performed to insure that the system is functioning properly.
  • Our highly qualified professionals will give the Guardian Guarantee that every safety and security system is installed according to local, state and federal codes and regulations.


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