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Oversee all of your valuables, assets and events with Guardian Alarm.

Asset Tracking

p_27Protect your vehicles and outdoor equipment with Asset Trackers from Guardian. These GPS tracking devices are used to track valuables such as cars, recreational vehicles and boats. Guardian’s asset trackers can provide real-time location information in all weather conditions and from anywhere on earth, as well as provide other essential data. Guardian can help you locate lost or stolen property utilizing the latest in asset tracking technology.


  • Allows you to track valuable vehicles and equipment
  • Provides 24-hour, real-time location from anywhere, anytime
  • Connects to Guardian Alarm’s 24-hour monitoring and dispatch centers
  • Allows you to track additional data, such as start/stop, speed, low battery, etc.

Move Program


Our Deluxe Move Program not only ensures a smooth transition into your new home, but we will give you a complimentary Guardian Alarm Home Security System, which includes a touchscreen keypad, motion detectors, door and window sensors and much more. Along with a new, free security system, we will give you an additional 10% off of any upgrades and the opportunity to receive two months of credit toward your new monitoring fees. Life is a journey, and we love to help our clients every step of the way.


  • Receive a free Guardian Alarm Home Security System.
  • Save an additional 10% off of any upgrades to your security system.
  • Save up to 20% off of most homeowners insurance plans.*
  • Refer us to your previous home’s new owners and receive up to 2 months of credit toward your new monitoring fees when they become Guardian customers.


*Please check with your HOI plan and provider

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