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Important Landline Upgrade Announcement

With the recent FCC order (19-72A1), phone companies are no longer required to continue offering landlines (wired phone lines). So, there’s a risk that landline service could be discontinued or that phone companies could increase prices to encourage consumers to switch.

We want to make sure you stay connected so we can continue protecting you 24/7. Most of our customers today have a cellular connection to stay reliably connected to our monitoring center. So, it’s important that you upgrade your system to prevent an interruption before your phone company decides to discontinue landline service or significantly increase your rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a landline?

Landline phones were once an integral part of every home, providing a reliable means of communication. They formed the backbone of traditional telephone networks, transmitting analog signals over copper wires. However, with the recent technology of mobile phones and internet-based communications, the popularity of landlines has declined steadily. In fact, only 1 out of 4 homes and businesses have a landline today and the number continues to decrease each year.

Are landlines being discontinued?

While phone companies haven’t yet announced that landlines are being discontinued, they could gradually phase out landline services (or increase rates) for several reasons. Maintaining the aging infrastructure is costly, and the demand for traditional landline services has significantly decreased. Moreover, digital communication methods, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cellular networks, offer more efficient and versatile alternatives.

How would changes to my landline affect my security system?

There are three main ways a security system can connect and transmit data: a landline, a cellular connection, the internet, or a hybrid (one that combines two or more of these). If your system only connects through a landline, then you would be impacted by any change in service since it transmits data through that connection. The good news is that upgrading to a different means of connecting is quite simple.

Will updating my security system affect my landline connection?

No. Any updates to your security system would not influence your phone service. If you choose to continue your landline service, we will still suggest updating your security system. Not only will you be prepared if something changes in the future, but you will also enjoy the added reliability and access a cellular connection can provide.

How could I save money by upgrading my system?

If you only use your landline for your security system, you could potentially save money by canceling your monthly landline service and upgrading your security system to cellular.

How much will it cost to update my security system?

We’ve made it very cost-effective for you to update your system. You have several options to choose from to best fit your budget, including options with no costs upfront. Call 833.824.4500 to learn about which options would work best for you.

How long does it take to upgrade my security system to cellular?

One of our trained security technicians can upgrade your system in less than 30 minutes.

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Did you know?

Here are some fast facts to show you where landlines stand today:

  • Over 28.7% of U.S. adults have a landline today, and 24% of Guardian Alarm customers currently have one, as well.
  • There was a 27% price increase on landlines from 2005 to 2020 while cellular costs have gone down 50% over the same timeframe.
  • Landline customers could pay 75% more to keep their landline within the next five years.
  • Nearly 12% of Americans currently have a landline as well as a mobile phone.
  • Over 80% of incoming calls on landlines today are solicited or unwanted.

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