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Places hands-free technology

You already know a Guardian Alarm smart system keeps your home safe and secure. Plus, our easy-to-use MyGuardianAlarm mobile app puts you in control, allowing you to stay informed and prepared for anything.

But what if your home could adapt to your location? Guardian Alarm can do just that with Places, powered by our advanced smart home technology.

Places is a feature that uses your smartphone’s location to understand when you’re coming and going. By setting up a few simple rules within the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app, your home can automatically adjust to make your life easier.

What can Places do?

Send Real-Time Alerts

When Places is enabled, it can automatically remind you to arm your system or lock your doors as you leave the designated area.

Control the Temperature

Imagine arriving home to a warm or cool welcome! Places can adjust your smart thermostat as you approach, creating a comfy space at home.

Set Custom Rules

Places goes beyond your home. Set zones to arm your system or turn on lights as you arrive. Customized for a smarter you.

Save Energy

A Places rule will take care of this forever. When your system knows that you’re leaving (and that no one else is home), your lights will turn off.

Access Your Cameras

Your system keeps an eye on things with connected cameras when you’re out. If you’re home, Places can pause recordings.

Easily Adaptable

Places works with most of our smart devices. Control everything right from the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app.


Come and go without the hassle

The Places feature uses Bluetooth technology to automate home security actions based on your location. It disarms security as you arrive and activates it as you leave, simplifying daily routines and prioritizing convenience without compromising safety.

Grandfather with grandson walking into a house protected by Guardian Alarm
Woman coming home with parcels


A new kind of convenience

The Places feature takes convenience to the next level. Imagine leaving for work and your security system automatically arms itself. No more scrambling to get the keys out.

Coming home? Places can disarm your system, adjust the lights, and turn down the thermostat – all without lifting a finger. It’s the perfect solution for busy lifestyles and ensuring peace of mind, no matter where you are.


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