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Shooter Detection System.
Act with precision.

Unlike any other indoor gunshot detection system, the Shooter Detection System boasts Active Shooter Intelligence. This patented technology combines cutting-edge sensors with powerful software to create a comprehensive solution.

Our system not only identifies the location of a gunshot with accuracy, but also initiates automated notifications to employees, emergency responders, and even 911 dispatch. This lightning-fast response allows for a swift and coordinated intervention, maximizing the chances of saving lives.

Features of the Shooter Detection System


Our system boasts a 99.9% detection rate with near-zero false alarms. Gain instant confirmation on gunshots, eliminating wasted time and resources. Track every shot with our mapping feature for complete situational awareness.


We are a leader in gunshot detection. Trusted by countless businesses from various industries, our system delivers a 100% detection rate. Certified by independent labs and DHS, this system meets the highest safety standards.


Upgrade your security to a fully integrated system. We can integrate with a variety of leading technologies (video, alerts, access control) to maximize your investment. Easy API for seamless connection and broader awareness.


Every second counts. Our system triggers instant alerts to employees, 911, and first responders within milliseconds of a gunshot. Automated messages and direct 911 dispatch pinpoint the location and initiate a lockdown.


Our system prioritizes privacy and security. Microphones focus on gunshots, not speech. All processing happens on-device, secure data communication with TLS encryption, and works with your network (static, dynamic IP, IPv6).


This system scales for any size organization. Start small and easily add more security as needed. Manage all alarms and sensors across vast areas from a single app. Choose PoE or wireless deployment for ultimate flexibility.


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