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Smart Security Monitoring for Your Business

In today’s age of intelligent technology, we can use video security monitoring to provide 360-degree coverage that can see it all. Add voice technology and you’ve got the best chance to protect your business.

Your security team could multiply its size with the addition of Virtual Guardian remote video monitoring. The virtual security service is an augmentation solution for companies that require additional support in the background of traditional security services. With intelligent technology and smart cameras, Virtual Guardian provides 360-degree coverage to help identify a security issue at the first sign of a threat.

Guardian Alarm has been a leader and innovator in the remote monitoring space for 15 years. But as security technology has improved, so has our ability to provide comprehensive, multi-dimensional off-site security support to customers. With our smart security technology, Virtual Guardian monitoring can help identify a security issue at the first sign of a threat.

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Our virtual, real-time interaction capabilities help to create a connected community with local first responders, law enforcement, and Guardian Alarm video surveillance analysts to help protect businesses together. Virtual Guardian monitoring helps first responders to have eyes and ears to a situation before they arrive.

Virtual Guardian can also help reduce operational costs, increase profits, and help companies protect their people, property, and brand. To learn more about optimizing smart security and our innovative program, visit Virtual Guardian on our website or read our press release here.

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