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Home Security 101 Learn the Basics to Protect Your Home

Home Security 101:
Learn the Basics to Protect Your Home

As the school year is now in full swing, the topic of home security may come up. While schedules tend to get busier this time of year, there may be times when you are not going to be home before the kids get home from school each day.

For many parents, the prospect of leaving their kids home alone for any duration causes some anxiety. Fortunately, Guardian Alarm acknowledges the concerns of those busy families. Thanks to the integration of smart home technology, your home security system offers the capability to oversee your home and everyone around it.

So, to help you transition back into the school year again, here are five things to consider about your home security system that will enhance your kids’ safety and ensure you have some peace of mind going forward.

Educate Kids on How to Use Your Home Security System

Make sure your kids know how to work the basics of your security system. Guardian Alarm security systems are designed to be user-friendly, so they should be able to get the hang of it. By setting the security system to “Stay,” you can keep the perimeter of your home protected while your kids can move around freely inside. The moment an emergency occurs, Guardian Alarm’s 24/7 monitoring center will be alerted, such as when doors are opened, windows are shattered, or any other alarm trigger occurs — ensuring your kids are safe at home alone.

Duress Buttons at Home

Guardian Alarm has an optional duress button that comes with our security systems. Duress buttons are an essential feature that your kids can easily use in an emergency. While smartphones are one of the easiest ways to communicate today, some kids may be too young to use one. Rather than fumbling with their phones, the duress button acts as a go-to solution so your kids can call for help when they need it with one simple press of a button.

The duress button, visible on your security panel, immediately triggers a 911 dispatch. This then prompts our monitoring center to contact the police without your kids needing to dial 911. Should a fire, break-in, or medical emergency suddenly occur, the duress button has the potential to be a lifesaver.

Show Your Kids How to Arm Your System

Many break-ins occur between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM when it is assumed that no one is home, possibly when your kids are returning home after school. By teaching them how to activate “Stay” on your security panel, your kids will remain safe inside until you get home. This way, you can carry on with your workday with one less thing to think about.

Monitor Your Whole Home Right from Your Phone

Guardian Alarm’s home security systems offer remote compatibility, enabling you to check your alarm system’s status whether you are on the couch or on the go. Through the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app, you can remotely manage everything from arming and disarming, adjusting the thermostat, watching camera live feeds, seeing real-time alerts, and more. With just a few simple taps, you can:

  • Review an activity log to identify who last armed or disarmed the system
  • Confirm the present arm and disarm status of the alarm
  • Arm and disarm the system remotely
  • Receive immediate mobile alerts of alarm and video activity

The MyGuardianAlarm mobile app is especially beneficial if your children are not ready to control the alarm on their own. Whether you are in the office, picking up dinner, or elsewhere, you can disarm the system to allow your kids inside and re-arm it until you are back.

Monitor & Manage Door Access

Kids are experts at misplacing things, be it toys, clothes, or even house keys. It is not far-fetched to assume that they might lose their key, which not only poses an inconvenience but also a security risk. Some parents resort to the old practice of hiding a spare key under a rock, but this is far from secure. A more advanced solution is smart door locks. These compatible devices replace the traditional key-in-lock mechanism.

With features like unique access codes, you can give your kids their own codes to unlock the door when they get home. You can also remotely unlock the doors if you would rather not share a code with your kids, or if they happen to forget it. These smart locks offer a convenient way to fortify your home’s entry points while simplifying your daily routines.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids with Cameras

When your kids are home alone, trust is paramount. However, visually checking on your kids from anywhere can provide some peace of mind if you are stuck at work. Using HD Wi-Fi security cameras, you could watch live camera feeds to see if the kids are safe at home, have done their chores, or are even doing their homework. You can even use a voice feature on the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app to communicate with your kids.

Guardian Alarm: Home Security & Protecting Your Family

When it comes to something as precious as your kids, extra safety measures are always a clever idea. A Guardian Alarm home alarm solution will protect both your kids while they are home alone as well as create an easier way for you to control your home.

By taking more proactive measures to protect your home, you not only create a line of defense for your property and loved ones, but also gain a greater sense of control over your environment. Prioritizing home security offers immeasurable benefits in an uncertain world, and you can trust Guardian Alarm to help you create a safe haven designed around you and your family.

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