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Here’s Our 2023 Wrapped

As we bid farewell to 2023, Guardian Alarm takes pride in reflecting on the monumental strides we’ve made as a leading local security company in protecting communities across Michigan and Ohio. 

In this year’s wrap-up, we have dived into the heart of our achievements, unveiling the impactful statistics that define our commitment to security. From responding to critical alarm signals to expanding our physical presence, Guardian Alarm has been at the forefront of ensuring safety and peace of mind for over six million individuals. 

Responding to 547,669 Critical Alarm Signals 

In the realm of security, a quick response is paramount. Guardian Alarm proudly announces that in 2023, we successfully responded to over 500,000 critical alarm signals. This milestone underscores our unwavering dedication to providing rapid and effective assistance when it matters most. 

Whether it’s a potential break-in, fire hazard, or medical emergency, Guardian Alarm remains committed to minimizing response times and maximizing the protection of our clients. 

Over 6.1 Million People Protected by Our Systems 

The bedrock of Guardian Alarm’s success lies in the trust bestowed upon us by over six million individuals. In 2023, this number signifies not just a statistic but a testament to the faith our communities place in our security systems. We take immense pride in being the chosen protectors of families, businesses, and institutions, fostering an environment where safety is not a luxury but a fundamental right. 

We Dispatched Police, Fire & E.M.S. 56,884 Times 

A critical component of our commitment to security is our ability to swiftly engage emergency services. In 2023, Guardian Alarm dispatched police, fire, and emergency medical services (E.M.S.) over 50,000 times. This impressive figure not only underscores our proactive approach to emergencies but also exemplifies the trust local authorities place in our ability to assess and respond to situations effectively. Together with our clients and the community, Guardian Alarm stands as a proactive force against potential threats. 

We Monitored 35,642,880 Minutes of Video Footage 

In the digital age, surveillance is a cornerstone of security. Guardian Alarm takes pride in announcing that we monitored over 35 million minutes of video footage in 2023. This extensive monitoring ensures that our customers’ properties are under constant surveillance, providing a robust layer of protection against potential threats. From preventing unauthorized access to deterring criminal activities, our vigilant eyes are always on guard. 

8,785 Intruders Deterred by Virtual Guardian 

The Virtual Guardian, a leading video technology in our security arsenal, has proven to be one of the most effective deterrents against intruders. In 2023 alone, Virtual Guardian successfully deterred more than 8,000 potential threats. This proactive video monitoring system leverages advanced analytics to detect suspicious activities, providing real-time alerts and deterring intruders before they can breach the premises. 

As technology continues to evolve, Guardian Alarm remains at the forefront, harnessing innovation to enhance security measures for our clients.

We Installed 47,207 Security Devices for Our Customers

Beyond the sheer numbers, the installations speak to our commitment to community safety. Each device signifies a family or a business that can rest easy, knowing that Guardian Alarm is on duty. Our holistic approach to security extends beyond the mere placement of devices – it encompasses ongoing monitoring, prompt response, and constant pursuit of excellence in all facets of our service.

As we celebrate the installation of 47,207 devices, we also look forward to the countless moments of peace of mind, uninterrupted sleep, and the knowledge that Guardian Alarm stands as a vigilant protector, keeping our customers secure in an increasingly complex world.

Our Michigan, Columbus & Cincinnati Branches Now Occupy New Offices 

In a physical manifestation of our growth and commitment to serving local communities, Guardian Alarm proudly announces the expansion of our Michigan, Columbus, and Cincinnati branches into new offices. This move signifies not just a change in location but a strategic step towards better accessibility, improved resources, and enhanced services for our clients. The new offices serve as a testament to our dedication to being a local security company deeply rooted in the communities we serve. 

Guardian Alarm: Local Security Company with a National Impact 

As we conclude our 2023 wrap-up, Guardian Alarm stands tall, having achieved significant milestones in our ongoing mission to ensure the safety and security of communities across Michigan and Ohio. From deploying rapid response to leveraging advanced security technology and expanding our physical presence, Guardian Alarm remains unwavering in our commitment to being a trusted local security company. 

Looking ahead, we are poised to continue evolving, innovating, and protecting the well-being of our clients and the communities we proudly serve. We are so excited to continue providing nothing but the best service to our customers while also creating an inclusive working environment where everyone has the chance to succeed. 

From all of us here at Guardian Alarm, we hope you have a safe and happy new year! 

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