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Enhance Your Comfort and Safety at Home During Winter

During the winter, many homeowners spend more time indoors. However, staying cozy inside comes at the expense of higher heat bills. In fact, homeowners will see their heat bills go up as much as 33% on average this year. Though, it’s important to note that many of these homes don’t have the latest smart technology to help increase comfort and safety more efficiently.

In addition to increased heat bills, winter also poses increased risks of frozen and bursting pipes, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other preventable dangers. As the leading security provider in the Midwest, Guardian Alarm understands that these risks are manageable with smart solutions in place to keep your home protected. Plus, without the help of our 24/7 monitoring team, these risks can become major issues, potentially causing harm to you and your family.

To enhance your comfort and safety this winter, here are some things to consider:

Check Your Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

To protect your home and keep your family safe, you should have functional carbon monoxide and smoke detection devices to alert you of the first signs of danger in your home. If you don’t, this can put you and your family at risk. Guardian Alarm uses detection devices connected directly to our 24/7 monitoring center. So, when the device detects the first signs of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, we’ll contact you immediately and notify your local fire department.

Note: The most common producers of smoke or carbon monoxide are things that produce heat, such as fireplaces, gas furnaces, and ovens. So, always make sure that you have detectors working properly near these types of things.

Upgrade Older Thermostats & Save Money

The older your thermostat, the less friendly it’ll be on your wallet. Outdated thermostats also don’t have the advanced features of today’s technology, such as adjusting the temperature based on weather changes. Start saving money on your monthly heat bills with Guardian Alarm’s ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat. Paired with the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app, you can keep track of your home’s temperature from anywhere. So, fall asleep or go to work knowing your home will always be at the perfect temperature.

Prevent Bursting Pipes with Temperature Sensors

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to see frozen or bursting pipes during the winter months. Unfortunately, frozen pipes can be very difficult to fix, and bursting pipes can quickly flood your home. Without detecting moisture or declining temperatures, this issue can be unnoticed and lead to expensive repairs.

Guardian Alarm’s smart sensors are designed to alert you of the first signs that your home’s temperature is too cold, water or moisture detection, and other potential risks. Then, our technology will automatically adjust the thermostat and turn off your main water valve to keep your home safe.

Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Guardian Alarm’s smart home technology can automate your home and make your daily routine easier. This will help make things comfortable and convenient whether you’re home or on the go.

  • Security Panel: The center of your home security system, Guardian Alarm’s security panel controls every aspect of your system in one device. From the fastest alarm signal speeds to programming customized rules for all your devices, the panel also features an 8MP camera, facial recognition, and more.
  • Lights: Daylight is limited during the winter months, so having smart lighting can help brighten your home up. Using the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app, you can control your home lighting from anywhere. Plus, you can program your system to turn lights on at certain times of day, like first thing in the morning or before you get home from work.
  • Door Locks: Enjoy a new level of control and convenience with connected locks and garage door controllers. Custom access codes and keyless entry options mean no more spare keys hidden under doormats. If you forget to lock up, we’ll send you an alert so you can lock up remotely.
  • Geo-Services: Use your smartphone and control your automation devices based on how near or far you are from home. For instance, if your hands are full of groceries, you can pull up to your home and open the garage, unlock the back door, and turn on the lights, just by being close to your home.

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting your home, there’s nothing like using a professional security company. Guardian Alarm’s team of security consultants will help personalize your security system to be designed around you and your family. We’ll show you the right kinds of products, demonstrate how to use your new system, and offer local service and maintenance for years to come.

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