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Do security alarms and cameras deter burglars?

The quick answer is yes! Security systems not only deter burglars but also aid in their capture if they choose to carry through with the planned attack. Visible security cameras and house alarm warnings make the would-be burglar reevaluate the situation. Should they carry on with the original target or find an easier one without cameras and security?

Monitored home security systems can help with the smaller thefts, for example, porch pirates, all the way up to the bigger crimes like actual home invasions. Security cameras continue to increase in popularity among homeowners. And studies show they do actually deter criminals from burglarizing your property. According to a study from UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice, about 60% of respondents said that they would look for security cameras before moving forward with a home invasion, and about 40% said that the presence of cameras would motivate them to choose a different home.

Another study from the Electronic Security Association (ESA) supported these findings. Their study determined that 83% of burglars would try to figure out whether or not a home has a security camera installed before proceeding, and that 60 % of burglars would avoid homes with security cameras.

If you do have security cameras at your home, make sure they are easily visible. You want potential threats to know that your home is secure. Also, make sure to put a sign right out-front stating you’re your home is secured and being monitored, even better when you add video surveillance to that yard sign. The studies like the ones mentioned above show that when potential burglar knows they are being watched, they will often choose another home.

So, should you get a security system? Our advice is simple, you will never regret having a security system but you could regret not having one.

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