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We have faced many changes in the last few months. At Guardian Alarm, our focus on health and safety, along with our core values, is stronger than ever – especially considering two recent events transpiring at the same time, both with a significant impact on all of us.

One of them, the senseless killing of George Floyd, has reinforced how much work there is ahead of us to build a society based on equality and inclusion, not discrimination or racism. We must build a common ground as the basis of how we all thrive together, not against each other. This principle is central to our culture at Guardian Alarm – supported by our policies, demonstrated by our teams, and expected by the customers and communities we serve. We need to jointly hold each other accountable when the commitment to fairness and equality is absent or challenged. Please join us as we pause and reflect on this today and every day, and understand its impact on the future of ourselves, our families, our company, and our communities.

Secondly, we have the positive news in many states that restrictions around business and personal activities are being reduced, and the COVID-19 spread has declined. While encouraging, this situation will only be sustained by living and working in ways that maintain a safe and healthy environment for us all. Having delivered our services to you during the pandemic, we know we can count on you to continue your proactive and positive attitude in maintaining healthy practices. Guardian Alarm’s team couldn’t be more appreciative of your commitment to keeping all of our families, employees, and communities protected.

We have continued to step up our investments in our teams, in new security solutions, and in our facilities. We are setting the bar even higher in our service commitment to you. Specifically, we are leveraging a multi-pronged approach of people, technology, and process with:

  1. Further technology investments to increase protection from disruptions caused by natural, health-related, or technological factors
  2. New security and safety solutions that address needs posed by the pandemic
  3. Elevated cleanliness standards in our facilities and for our employees, such as temperature screening and continued daily health checks, including before service appointments

We all have the choice to do something today and every day to make a difference. For our part, Guardian Alarm is the alarm company you can trust to drive a positive change in society and to care for our employees and customers.  With our focus on keeping our teams, and you, healthy and safe, we continue to provide uninterrupted services by operating our facilities 24/7. We are positioned to meet any security need to protect you, your family, and your property – and in a way that provides the highest standards of safety and security.

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