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5 Ways Alarm Systems Can Help Protect Your Neighborhood

When it comes to home security, getting to know your neighbors can make a huge difference in preventing danger to your home before it becomes a disaster. In addition to home alarm systems, neighborhood security can be another great line of defense, especially if they see a break-in or fire when you’re not home.

To help add a layer of protection to your home, let’s discuss why getting to know your neighbors can be beneficial to you as a homeowner:

1. Creating Better Neighborhood Security

Neighbors and neighborhood watch groups are some of the most effective ways to help protect your home from break-ins and other potential crimes. It’s wise to share vacation plans or busy schedules that may keep you away from your home for long periods of time. That way, your neighbors will know when to keep a closer eye on things while you’re away. If you’re away from home for longer than a few days, you have a lot to gain by knowing your neighbors. If a break-in does occur, they can be there on the scene to help the police with descriptions and keep you updated until you return home.

2. Money-Saving Potential

Although safety plays an important role in getting to know your neighbors, it can also help save you money. On average, home burglaries can cost you around $3,000. That number also has the potential to increase considering many burglars don’t just strike once. Having proactive neighbors means they can help deter a suspected criminal if they see strangers around your home. However, without today’s alarm systems, you still risk giving burglars more time in your home to steal and vandalize.

3. Keeping Up Appearances

Most burglars strike when they believe no one is home. Making sure your home always appears occupied is something a good neighbor can help with. Turning on outdoor lights, retrieving mail or packages, watering outdoor plants, and cutting the grass are all ways your neighbor can help. With a video doorbell or smart lighting, you can stay in control of your home right from your smartphone and get instant alerts when activity is detected.

4. Weathering the Storm

Home security is not just about burglars. Inclement weather, power outages, frozen or broken pipes, and carbon monoxide leaks can also pose dangers for you and your family. Having good relationships with your neighbors can help you address certain issues quicker, especially if you’re not home. Whether it’s a tree falling onto your roof or a neighborhood power outage, neighbors can make sure your home is safe and call emergency services if needed.

5. A Sense of Community

Possibly the biggest benefit of connecting with your neighbors is creating a sense of community in your neighborhood. When you take the time to build a relationship with your neighbors, they can go beyond just looking out for your home. It could turn into a lifelong friendship where you look out for one another and help one another when needed.

Plus, if neighbors know you’re not away, but see something that doesn’t look right, they may be the ones that notice potential danger to your home before you can. Introduce yourself to a close neighbor and exchange phone numbers so you’re both connected to someone nearby should an emergency arise.

Guardian Alarm: Protecting Communities with Alarm Systems

Whether it’s a break-in, fire, or other potential danger, neighbors are a great resource to help protect your home. Although neighbors can watch your home, there’s nothing like protecting your home with a professionally installed and monitored alarm system. With 24/7 monitoring and window/door alarms, your home will be protected whether your neighbor is home or not.

Since 1930, Guardian Alarm has provided the latest smart security designed for homes and families of all sizes. So, even if you trust your neighbors to call for help, Guardian Alarm can instantly sense danger, call you to make sure you’re safe, and notify local police, fire, or E.M.S. in an emergency.

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