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Lynx Series

Step-By-Step Instructions

Tools Required:

1 Small Phillips head screwdriver

  1. Call 800.782.9688 to have a Guardian Alarm representative place your system into Test mode to avoid false alarms. You can also log in to your MyGuardianOnline account to place the account into Test mode. 
  2. Locate your primary keypad or control panel. There are two indentations with associated tabs across the top, one on the left and one on the right. Depress these tabs one at a time with a screwdriver, then carefully pull the front faceplate down. The battery pack should now be visible to you.

NOTE: The keypad or control panel will beep at this time due to your tampering with the panel. Press the green home button to silence while you work.

  1. a. Unscrew the battery holder and remove it
    b. Unplug the battery from the circuit board and fully remove the old battery pack. 
  2. Replace with the new Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC 7.2 Volt 1100 mA battery. Secure the red and black connector to the board. 
  3. Reconnect the battery holder and its screw.  
  4. Close and secure the faceplate of the keypad or control panel. 
  5. To clear the tamper, hit the green Home button and the screen will ask you to enter your code to clear. You can also arm and disarm your system to clear. If the tamper does not clear, the faceplate is not back in its normal state, you might need to open it back up and re-secure it. 
  6. Take your system out of Test mode. 
Note: It is possible that the new battery is not at full charge. Allow 24 hours for full charge. 

Questions? Contact Guardian Alarm. 

If you have any other questions, please call 1.800.782.9688 and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

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