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restaurant over head view from a Guardian Alarm real-time video monitoring for small business

Smart Video Monitoring for Small Business

The real-time video monitoring solution

Discover how a monitored business security camera system can protect your business and property, save you money, and prevent theft.

Remote video monitoring can protect your business, save you money, and prevent theft. Using advanced video analytics, our 24/7 UL-certified monitoring center responds immediately to any unauthorized access to your business. We then use video-voice communication to speak directly to the perpetrators, deter them from your property, and alert your local police department.

Guardian Alarm partners with your loss prevention, security, and human resources to create a solution that will translate into reduced operational costs and increased profits. Ultimately, our team helps you protect your business, employees, and customers to deter crime before it happens.

Work with a name you can trust.

To start securing what matters most, call Guardian Alarm today.

24/7 protection your business needs

Our advanced business security camera system can provide a 360-degree view of your business. Strategic positioning of cameras can provide the most comprehensive view of your property so you always have eyes on your site.

Virtual Guardian monitoring uses real-time voice communication between your location and our highly trained video analysts. With our enhanced two-way communication, Guardian Alarm’s team of experienced video analysts can intervene at the first sign of a threat to your business.

Restaurant owner looking at his business on MyGuardianApp

Always watching. Always protecting.

Let Virtual Guardian protect your business when you’re not there. Virtual Guardian uses real-time voice communication between your location and our highly trained ARC™ video monitoring analysts. With our enhanced two-way communication, Guardian Alarm’s team of experienced analysts can protect your property, employees, and brand from any potential crime.

enhanced security

Using the latest security and video technology, Guardian Alarm can provide protection to all areas of your property.


Customized Solutions

Our system designs and configurations are customized based on the needs of your business with a personalized plan for protection.

Two-Way Communication

The Guardian Alarm ARC™ Analytics Response Center intervenes at the first sign of a threat to any goods or employees.

Solutions for
your business needs

Every business has its unique needs and Guardian Alarm customizes all our designs and system configurations to fit your business. Our team will come to you, audit your site, and address your security concerns before creating a custom plan for protection.

With our Virtual Guardian solution, we combine operations, loss prevention, and employee safety objectives to build a program that drives your business goals and provides the latest video analytics for measurable results.

Call Guardian Alarm at 833.476.4215 to start protecting your business today, or fill out the form and we will call you.

Hear directly from our customers

Great food,great service!!
Wendell Raby
Wendell Raby
23:08 29 Dec 19
Love the phone app,
Dan Usauto
Dan Usauto
14:45 08 Oct 22
A very good place to work at
nadja bradley
nadja bradley
21:26 03 Mar 20
I received a knew and it had to program all over again
Miguel Brooks
Miguel Brooks
17:13 26 Jul 22
Guardian has been my home security for years. Been very happy with service
theresa ulrich
theresa ulrich
15:26 22 Sep 22
I put eggs on the stove to boil forgot them and went to the movie. When the house filled up with smoke and Guardian Alarm couldn't reach me they dispatched the fire department. I will be forever grateful for their quick response. It could of been a disaster. The smoke alarm is always monitored even when house alarm is not set. That feature alone is worth cost of system..
Barbara Clark
Barbara Clark
14:35 09 Sep 19
I've had Guardian Alarm since 2009. They have always had first class customer service. Highly recommend.
R Ray
R Ray
13:06 25 Aug 22
I have been with Guardian Alarm for many years. They monitor my security alarm for my home. I have always received excellent service from customer representatives, the sales department and the service department. I truly appreciate their promptness and customer focused attitude.
Alma Sykes
Alma Sykes
19:07 19 Aug 22
The tec came in and changed the key pad
Joseph Gregory
Joseph Gregory
16:01 01 Oct 22
It was great
Charlie Gross
Charlie Gross
16:12 04 Sep 22
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