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Guardian Alarm is the one-stop shop for business solutions of all sizes.

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friends looking at guardian alarm website to see how it could keep them safe at home.Guardian Alarm provides complete business security systems for both large and small businesses. From using the latest video analytics to track camera activity to real-time alerts of alarm events, we have what you need to protect you, your staff, and your property from break-ins, fires, and other emergencies 24/7.

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female boss looking at Guardian Alarm business cameras Transform the way you protect your business with Guardian Alarm’s security cameras and smart video analytics. To provide more insights into your daily operations, you can create video monitoring rules around movement, crowd gatherings, tracking customer wait times, and more.

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warehouse employee using a pallet jack to move boxes along the dock. Detecting the first signs of smoke, carbon monoxide, or water can be the difference between managing minor issues and dealing with a complete disaster. Guardian Alarm uses smart sensing technology to monitor and alert local police, fire, or E.M.S. when smoke, carbon monoxide, water, and other dangers are present.

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Restaurant owner opening up the front door using Guardian Alarm access control key pad and cardProvide a more secure working environment with an extra layer of  protection for the restricted areas of your business. Using facial recognition, keycards, and more, you can create custom access for employees and receive mobile alerts when someone unexpectedly attempts to enter the building.

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warehouse employee walking through shelves to check on monitors and sensors in the business.Getting ahead of danger before it strikes can save your home or business thousands of dollars in restoration and repairs. Security system sensors are an important part of any security system due to their fast detection technology and immediate alerts. Paired with 24/7 monitoring support, sensors add additional layers of protection to the people and things you value most.

The most effective solution for school emergencies

Concerns about school safety continue to grow, and many security systems do not cover the unique needs of crisis events. Guardian Alarm’s TeachE.R.S. Emergency Response System can help save lives by providing rapid dispatch and response. This can give students and faculty the peace of mind they need in an emergency.

In an emergency, quick response is everything

LoneWorkE.R.S. provides live voice communication to Guardian Alarm’s team of security experts who will contact your local police, fire, or E.M.S. during a crisis. With Guardian Alarm, your employees can feel safer knowing they’re protected and connected to rapid emergency response, even when they’re alone.

Always watching. Always protecting.

Let Guardian Alarm detect, deter, and defend your business when you’re not there. Our Virtual Guardian solution provides the protection that you, your employees, and your property needs. Get ahead of unwanted activity at the first sign of a threat using 24/7 video surveillance and live voice communication.

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