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What Do Homeowners Want in Home Security Systems?

This year, we’re reflecting on our collective desire for safe and secure havens at home. Millions across the U.S. have turned to alarms, cameras, and smart home solutions to safeguard their homes and families. But just how prevalent are these systems, and what trends are shaping their future? Let’s delve into the fascinating world of home security systems through the lens of key industry findings. 

Millions Sought Security “Guardians” 

Over 39 million homes across the nation have installed an alarm system to keep a watchful eye on their homes. In addition, 45 million have guarded their gateways with a video doorbell, whether a part of their alarm system or bought separately This widespread demand speaks volumes about the value we place on peace of mind. For many, these vigilant guardians stand sentinel, deterring intrusions and offering a sense of control over their sanctuary. 

  • DIY vs. Pros: While self-installation and wireless systems gain traction, a significant portion of the market – 44% – still relies on the expertise of professionals. Hard-wired systems find favor with 42%, showcasing a preference for stability and reliability. This highlights the nuanced choices consumers make, balancing convenience and cost with professional assurance. 
  • A Wave of New Installations: The forecast for the home security market is buoyant. As many as 13 million homes are estimated to purchase new alarm systems this year. Smart home locks are poised to follow close behind, potentially finding their way into 10 million residences. This surge in adoption signifies a growing awareness and willingness to invest in a secure future. 

Why Did People Want Home Security Systems? 

There are several key reasons why people protect their homes with security systems. For nearly three in four users in a study conducted by, the primary reason for their home security systems was to improve their overall sense of safety. They found that users’ sense of safety increased with the number of components that people used. Cameras and video doorbells, motion sensors, and burglar alarm systems all created an equal sense of increased security among users. 

While a “sense” of safety is necessary, the actual effectiveness of a security system is also essential, which is the point of installing it. Studies show they can be effective deterrents for criminals, and burglars often avoid homes if they know alarms are present. 

No one wants their home sweet home turned upside down by a bad guy. But it’s not just about keeping the scary monsters out. Turns out, a lot of folks install these systems for the peace of mind. Remember that vacation where you constantly checked the security camera app even though your neighbor swore to water your flowers? Yeah, same. It’s all about that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing your haven is safe, even when you’re miles away. 

So, next time you see someone rocking a home security system, remember it’s not just about paranoia. It’s about peace of mind, protecting the precious, and maybe even catching a glimpse of that squirrel who keeps digging up your petunias. After all, who needs Mission: Impossible when you’ve got home security, right? 

What Were Some of the Most Popular Devices? 

About two in three current system users are planning to upgrade or purchase specific new components for home security systems in the next 12 months. Smart locks, motion sensors, and smart thermostats are the hottest items. 

Let’s explore some of the hottest security devices that took the last year by storm: 

Cameras capture every rustle in the bushes, alarms shriek a warning at the slightest intrusion, and smart locks offer a digital handshake to welcome the trusted and deter the unwelcome. Whether fueled by the chilling statistics of break-ins or the comforting sense of control, millions are turning to these technological guardians, building fortresses of security around their precious homes and families. 

Guardian Alarm: Helping You Create Smart Home Security Systems

At Guardian Alarm, we’re committed to remaining at the forefront of these advancements. We offer a wide range of advanced security solutions tailored to the unique needs of homeowners and businesses. Our expert technicians and dedicated customer service ensure that you have the peace of mind and complete protection you deserve. 

Many homeowners prefer to look for a professional when it comes to home security. Well, Guardian Alarm does exactly that… making sure our systems are installed right from day one and there whenever you need assistance. Plus, we offer every item featured in this article. From the latest smart thermostat to save energy to security cameras designed to be proactive against threats, Guardian Alarm has the best security solutions available today. 

Reflecting on the last year, security systems weren’t just gadgets; they were a lifeline for homes and businesses, protecting the things that matter most. As we face the challenges of the future, let’s prioritize security, invest in its advancements, and work together to build a safer world, one home and one business at a time. 

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