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Security Systems for Business: 3 Trends of Today

Quality security systems for business are more than just a camera and loud alarm, you need smarter security to protect your property.

If there’s anything to learn from the last couple of years, it’s the fact that safety has become so important. 34% of the burglaries that happen each year affect small businesses. This is due to a variety of factors from increased remote work, consistent staff shortages, the ease of selling stolen goods online, and most importantly poor setup considering security systems for business.

Even with recent developments in security technology, break-ins, and emergencies will continue to happen. That’s why business owners must ensure their properties remain safe, whether on or off-site. As a security provider, Guardian Alarm has all the resources you need to protect you and your employees with the latest in business security systems.

Here are our top three security trends your business can benefit from:

Smarter Access Control Systems

access control panel for ease of use

In the past, access control systems used authorized keycodes or I.D. cards to enter a building. Today, technology has evolved, and biometrics has become a popular feature for access control systems. Biometrics is a technology that uses facial recognition or thumbprints to allow access to a building.

This technology makes it easy to know exactly who is coming and going, whether during or after business hours. You can add and remove users with their photos right from your computer, allowing you to closely manage who is trying to enter the building. Plus, the system will know automatically if a person is unrecognized, prompting an alert the moment they’re detected.

Lightning-Fast Alarm Connections

During an emergency, whether it’s a break-in or a fire alarm, time is of the essence. Thankfully, today’s technology uses more than one reliable source of connection to the authorities. By combining multiple connections, such as Wi-Fi and an LTE radio, security systems now feature higher-speed channels that instantly communicate alarm signals when they’re triggered. So, when an emergency occurs on your property, your system immediately alerts the monitoring center. Then, your security provider will contact the authorities, leaving very little time for a threat to carry through.

Video Technology That Keeps You Aware

Boss watching coffee shop from Guardian Alarm App

Video is nothing new to the security industry. However, the technology used in security cameras continues to improve. Today’s video technology provides businesses with more than just surveillance. Video analytics detects people, vehicles, or animals, and has capabilities to eliminate false triggers, like bad weather. This technology can help business owners understand the activity happening across the entire building, whether you’re at the office or on your mobile device.

Additionally, you can set heat maps on your cameras, allowing you to count the number of people in one area and receive alerts if that number exceeds what that space allows. From counting foot traffic in the lobby to having a close eye on after-hours activity, video analytics makes it possible for business owners to have full control over all comings and goings.

To get ahead of break-ins and other potential disasters, professionally installed security systems with 24/7 monitoring will keep your business safe. Your business needs to have a proper safeguard in place, whether you’re on or off-site. Ultimately, with the help of a local security company, you can trust that your business will have quality protection for years to come.

Guardian Alarm: Leaders in Security Systems for Business

To see how to best protect your business, our specialists at Guardian Alarm can walk you through the most advanced security features that fit the needs of your business. We’ll do an on-site security assessment to identify your unique risks, train you on every product installed, and continue to maintain your system through years of dependable service. Plus, we operate our own 24/7 local monitoring center, ensuring that the safety of you, your employees, and your property is always our top priority.

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