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4 Reasons to Install a Security System at Home

Your home is your safe zone, your sanctuary, and the place where you should feel the most secure. Protecting your home is very important, and you need the right home security system to help.


In recent years, the smart technology used in home security systems has grown to be one of the biggest investments for homeowners. In fact, the smart home market skyrocketed to nearly $80 billion in 2020 alone, and it has shown no signs of slowing down any time since. To put it in perspective, burglaries in the United States have decreased steadily since 2015, according to the FBI.

Between 2018 and 2019 alone, the number of burglaries decreased by nearly 10%. The decrease is partly due to the significant advancements in security technology available. Ultimately, the more homeowners have opted to install smart security systems in their homes, the less often costly burglaries have occurred.

With so many security features and resources to choose from, how are you able to select a security system that’s right for your home? We’ll introduce you to four main reasons to get a security system installed and how these resources are designed to help protect you from potential danger.

Protect Your Home & Belongings

Homeowners need to protect what is theirs, and home security systems do just that. Home security systems contribute to the safety of you and your family by securing and monitoring your home. Using a reliable connection, you are kept safe in the event of a home break-in. With instant notifications sent to local monitoring and dispatch centers, you are assured of receiving an immediate response.

Plus, from motion and broken glass detection to fire and carbon monoxide sensors, today’s home security goes above and beyond to keep you safe. With the kinds of tools and resources available to you today, home security systems can transform your home into a safe and secure oasis.

Smart Home Automation & Mobile Access

Since you can’t be in multiple places at once, having the ability to access your smart home remotely can save you a lot of time. Thanks to your mobile device, smart home automation allows you to arm and disarm your home security, turn off the lights in your home without even getting out of bed, and adjust the thermostat, all with just a few taps. You have the ability to control all your security features, whether you’re home or away for the weekend.

View Live & Recorded Home Security Camera Footage

Once upon a time, fuzzy video monitoring systems based on analog technology marked advancement in security and surveillance monitoring for properties worldwide. However, things have changed, and digital video has become the latest security technology to beat. Now, you can view live and recorded footage from your security cameras with crystal-clear footage, day or night. Mobile devices, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers are all fair game, too, giving you access to your cameras from anywhere.

Unexpected Activity Alerts & Facial Recognition

Using a built-in 5MP camera, you can receive real-time alerts on your panel and mobile device when an unrecognized face is detected. When disarm photos are captured, they are analyzed and compared against the image of the user authorized to use the system with that code.

If something doesn’t match or a face is not detected, you’ll get an alert right away. You can also assign user codes to each member of your family and see when they get home with a picture texted right to your mobile device.

Guardian Alarm: The Local Home Security System Leader

Ultimately, equipping your home with a security system provides an additional layer of protection against break-ins and burglaries. Any investment you make to help ensure the safety and security of you and your family is worth it. But with an investment in a Guardian Alarm security system, you can be assured you are being protected by the best of the best.

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