By creating and enforcing high-standards, Guardian makes a difference by being the difference.

Training, Education & Quality Control

Security is our only business, and we believe that our training, benefits and incentive programs are the best in the security industry. Not only do we recruit and train team members with the highest standards of professionalism and honesty, but we maintain and provide continued training and education programs to ensure that we have first-class security teams and guards.

The value Guardian represents to you and your company is evidenced by our industry-leading selection system along with background screening on each employee. Our selection system not only screens-out unacceptable candidates, but focuses on identifying quality team members who possess important traits such as honesty, integrity and a strong customer service orientation.

Guardian Security Guards and Officers are trained to perform critical functions designed to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, protect life, maintain order, register reports, maintain logs, deter criminal actions and provide emergency support. Our on-going development programs are designed to meet clients specific requirements and may include drills, exercises, audits and refresher training.

By listening to our clients, we have been able to define the Guardian Service Standards that are important in the day-to-day delivery of our services. Guardian’s assigned management team will complete a monthly Customer Service Report which provides you and Guardian the opportunity to routinely measure critical standards.

Guardian’s Service focus is in process review and continuous improvement. With the help of various advancements, input and customer surveys, we adjust our mission, focus and planning to positively influence the service clients receive.

Guardian appreciates and acknowledges that your company has made a significant security investment and our goal is to demonstrate a respect for this commitment with dedication, transparency, open communication and exceptional quality in service and performance. You can be confident in knowing that you’re getting the best when you get Guardian.



Guardian’s Monthly Customer Service Report Includes:

  • Officer Appearance
  • Training
  • Quality of Reports
  • Retention
  • Public Relations Skills
  • Support Responsiveness
  • Overall Quality of Service
  • Officer Attitude
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Telephone Usage
  • Quality of Supervision
  • Quality of Post Orders
  • Recording Device Compliance


Guardian’s Service-driven Review Includes:

  • List of Critical Success Factors
  • Assessment of all functional unit processes
  • List of key processes that impact service levels
  • Action Plan for Process Improvement
  • List of Critical Business Issues
  • Action Plan for Process Management including Linking Goals and Objectives, Strategy Implementation, Business Planning, Learning and Growth, Clarifying the Vision, etc
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