Advanced Guard Industry

Guardian continues to advance our programs with technology and solutions for the modern world.

Command Center

command_centerGuardian’s Monitoring and Dispatch Center is equipped to deliver constant, fail-safe monitoring 365 days a year and is staffed by our highly-trained dispatch technicians who utilize advanced software programs to monitor all aspects of our operation.

Guardian’s Command Center serves as the conductor of our security team, relays vital information and coordinates operations with other team members. Our Command Center also serves as our main communication center to ensure that guards, field operators, supervisors, managers and clients have a single-point of contact for any last minute changes, unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. And all the while, Guardian dispatchers and technicians track patrol vehicles and equipment and record crucial details and images 24 hours a day.

Be confident in knowing that the security of you and your business is our only business and that we are committed to the security and safety of our clients and their assets.

Tracking Devices

Guardian utilizes two systems to track guard performance, routes and activity. When first designing a safety and security program, Guardian works with the client to establish optimal patrol routes and vulnerable areas. Guardian’s Tracking System allows the client to monitor and get printable readouts of incident reports and security guard activities.


Guardian Tracking System


  • System includes software and requires a smartphone
  • When walking or driving along the established patrol route the security guard will take photographs
  • These time-stamped photographs are taken at each stop and this also documents the patrol guard’s locations, conditions of the site, equipment, etc.
  • This information is then logged and stored, and can be viewed at any time
  • Incident reports and photographs can be transmitted to a client in real-time, anywhere anytime.


Guardian Deggy Track System

  • System includes a handheld sensor, metal patrol buttons and software
  • Metal buttons contain data chips that are then fixed along the established patrol route
  • When the security guard walks or drives along the route they then scan the buttons with the handheld sensor
  • This information is then logged and stored, and can be accessed at any time
  • A printable readout will show exactly where the guard patrolled and give exact dates and times that each button was scanned

Response Verification & Supervision

Guardian utilizes sophisticated software that allows our Command Center to observe and ensure that our security guards are on time for duty and on location. If a guard fails to check-in, Guardian Dispatchers receive an instant notification and immediately evaluate the situation in order to take corrective action. Day or night, be satisfied in knowing that we are always alert and ready to respond.

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