Video Monitoring & Home Surveillance

Effortlessly monitor your home and family with the most advanced systems and latest technology tailored for your needs.


p_19_2If you are looking for advanced interior and exterior protection, now is the perfect time for Guardian Alarm to design a custom video security system for your home, regardless of the size, complexity or budget. We offer the latest in cameras, monitors, digital video recorders and off-site remote monitoring systems. With Guardian Alarm, effortlessly monitor your home and family from any location.



  • Guardian DVR
  • Indoor and Outdoor cameras
  • Long-zoom lenses for extreme distances
  • Low-light cameras to enhance night vision
  • High-resolution cameras to capture details
  • Pan-tilt-zoom controllable dome cameras with 360-degree rotation
  • Bullet-proof camera casings to prevent destruction and tampering



  • Effective monitoring of key areas.
  • Video surveillance system provides visual theft deterrence.
  • Fully customizable and options available for single-family homes, vacation or rental properties, gated communities, multi-tenanted buildings and condominium environments.

Video Monitoring and Surveillance Packages



With Guardian’s Virtually There video services, you can view live video and receive images of specific activity occurring on the interior or exterior or your home anytime, anywhere.

  • Guard against trespassers.
  • Eliminates the need for a physical digital video recorder, which is vulnerable to being stolen, corrupted or destroyed. Our service works with your present high-speed, broadband connection and router.
  • Keep an eye on your home and family.
  • Screen visitors at entranceways and monitor vulnerable areas.
  • Multiple cameras can monitor several locations in house.
  • Works with an internet connection and phone line.
  • Optional two-way voice communication.
  • Manually record video clips or take snapshots.
  • A video alert, picture or series of pictures can be emailed to you upon the occurrence of an important event.
  • Ideal for vacation homes and investment properties.



With Guardian Vision, you can view live video and rest easy knowing that your videos are being recorded and stored for additional security.

  • View live camera video anytime and anywhere.
  • Send and receive video clips and snapshots.*
  • Provides off-site, 24-hour recording and storage.
  • Quick and easy recording and playback of your videos.
  • Store recorded events for up to 6 months through web based dashboard.
  • 1 month continuous recording.**

*800 Included and up to 2 minutes each **Restrictions apply



With Guardian’s DVR services, you will have a first-rate home video monitoring and surveillance system, which includes four indoor or outdoor color cameras.

  • 1 – 17” Color Monitor
  • 1 – DVR Remote Control
  • 1 – DVR UPS Surge Protector
  • 4 – Indoor/Outdoor Color Cameras
  • 1 – Four Camera Power Supply Mechanism
  • 1 – 1TB, 4 Channel DVR with Remote Viewing
  • Network Connection for Remote Viewing Available*


*Additional requirements and fees may apply

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