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Beware of Door-Knockers in Your Neighborhood

Individuals dressed in deceiving uniforms have been knocking on doors claiming to be from the “alarm company”. Do not let them into your home.

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4 Reasons Why Getting to Know Your Neighbors Can Save Your Home

When it comes to home security, it can make a significant difference when you know your neighbors. Besides your home security system, your neighbors can be another line of defense for you and your home. Here’s why: Fight crime for a safer community: Neighbors or neighborhood watch groups are one of the most effective ways  … Read more

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DIY vs. Monitored Home Security Systems

With so many security options out there today, how do you make a choice? Do I go with an option where you install and monitor on your own? Do I have it professionally installed and monitored? Does my monitoring system connect to any other devices in my home? These are common questions for a lot  … Read more

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Do Security Alarms and Cameras Deter Criminals?

Do security alarms and cameras deter burglars? The quick answer, YES. Security systems not only deter burglars but also aid in their capture if they choose to carry through with the planned attack. Visible security cameras and house alarm warnings make the would-be burglar reevaluate the situation. Should they carry on with the original target  … Read more

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Does your elderly family member need a medical alarm?

If you have an elderly family member that lives alone, they could benefit from a medical alarm from Guardian.

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