Monitor prescription medication with Guardian’s wireless MedReady.


The Guardian MedReady is a smart, wireless medication dispenser that reminds patients to take their medications on time and communicates with the caregiver with real-time notifications. The MedReady is an easy-to-use system, and the locking unit ensure that medications are kept safe and secure. Guardian’s MedReady is a fail-safe system to monitor medication management.

Guardian MedReady features:

  • Audible and visual reminders for hearing-impaired or low-vision subscribers
  • Cellular based, so no landline or internet needed
  • 28 compartments, offering 7 days of medications with up to 4 doses a day or 14 days with up to 2 doses a day
  • Timed-alarm system provides next dosage automatically
  • Calls up to three phone numbers, leaving messages and sending email notifications if dose is missed
  • Large capacity and can fit up to 12 pills



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