Guardian Med Dispenser™

Receive audible and visual reminders for medication notifications.

Guardian Med Dispenser™

The Guardian Med Dispenser™ organizes medications and provides reminders for each dose using a clear, automated voice and on-screen display messages. It is an easy-to-use system with a locking unit to ensure that medications are kept safe and secure. If a missed dose occurs,  The Guardian Med Dispenser™ triggers a phone call to alert a family member or caregiver. With a simple user interface and dependable monitoring capabilities, The Guardian Med Dispenser™ eases the stress of complex prescription regimens.


Guardian Med Dispenser™ FEATURES:

  • Audible and visual reminders for hearing-impaired or low-vision subscribers
  • Connects to a landline phone
  • Dosing capabilities offer up to 10 days of medications with up to 6 doses a day, or 30 days with up to 2 doses a day
  • Large capacity and can fit up to 20 pills


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