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Get protection by monitoring prescription medication with easy-to-use medication dispensers.


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Monitor prescription medication and simplify your daily routines with Guardian’s RX Safety solutions.



1 in 4

One in four older adults (65+) falls each year.


Every 20 Minutes

An adult dies from a fall in the United States every 20 minutes. Many more are injured.



Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury.


Choose a solution that is right for you or your loved one



This smart, wireless medication dispenser reminds patients to take their medications on time and alerts a caregiver when a dose is missed. The timed alarm system provides the next dosage automatically. This solution is perfect for caregivers that need to monitor their loved one’s or patient’s medication intake and want to automate that process. With 28 compartments, this solution is ideal for patients with up to 4 doses a day of medication needed.


Med Dispenser

The next level in medication management. This system’s individual cups allow for larger pills and more of them. The automated voice and on-screen display messaging make it ideal for a patient or loved one who requires a higher degree of organization. Dispenses twice a day for 30 days or up to 6 times a day for 10 days.



When your safety system is triggered, Guardian responds within seconds.

Signal Sent

Your safety system will instantly send a signal to the Guardian Medical Monitoring and Command Center.

Signal Recieved

A Guardian Care Representative will immediately evaluate the situation and call you to confirm that everything is ok.

Action Taken

If you are in need of assistance, a we will notify emergency personnel and authorities to take action immediately.

Never Talk to a Machine

Get personal support for your Guardian service by trained, UL/FM certified alarm advisers 24 hours a day, every day.

24/7 Fail-Safe Monitoring

Guardian’s Medical Monitoring Center is equipped to power secure monitoring of your home or business.