Virtually There Care™

Get peace of mind knowing your loved one is safely at home.

Virtually There Care™ Home Monitoring System

Guardian is happy to offer this unique, home monitoring system for family members and caregivers concerned about a vulnerable loved one. Guardian’s Virtually There Care™ provides remote camera viewing and audible communication from anytime and anywhere, and this video monitoring system can be fully customized to meet individual needs.

Door contacts and pressure-sensitive floor mats give notification of wandering, and Life Safety options can be included to monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide. Virtually There Care™ can give you the peace of mind to know your loved one is safe at home, even when you are not there to be with them.


  • Can decrease need for paid caregivers or family members to check on senior.
  • Lower cost alternative to home care, assisted living or nursing home placement
  • Extends independence
  • Integrates with Personal Medical Alert and Life Safety Solutions



  • Multiple cameras can monitor several locations in house
  • Works with an internet connection and phone line
  • Optional two-way voice communication
  • Table-top device integrates security components
  • 24/7 Monitoring by Guardian Central Station
  • An in-home assessment and custom component design tailored to needs of individual
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