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Protect you and your loved ones from unforeseen dangers.


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Guardian Medical Monitoring offers a comprehensive line of Life Safety solutions for an extra layer of protection. From our virtually there care to our safety and sensor devices, get extra peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe at home.



1 in 4

One in four older adults (65+) falls each year.


Every 20 Minutes

An adult dies from a fall in the United States every 20 minutes. Many more are injured.



Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury.


Choose From a Variety of Options


Virtually There Care

Check in on a loved one when you can’t be there. Our remote camera viewing and audible communication can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Door contacts and pressure-sensitive floor mats can be applied to give notification of wandering. Two-way communication between caregiver and loved one can be set up, and rest assured knowing that 24/7 monitoring is provided by Guardian Central Station. Let Guardian help give you peace of mind when you can’t be right there.


Safety and Sensor Devices

We offer a variety of detectors to add an extra layer of protection. Our detectors monitor carbon monoxide levels, fire and smoke, as well as flood protection ideal for areas around sump pumps, washing machines, and refrigerators. With immediate notification via a pulsing alarm, you or your loved one will be connected to Guardian’s 24-hour Medical Monitoring and Command center in the event of a life safety situation.



When your safety system is triggered, Guardian responds within seconds.

Signal Sent

Your safety system will instantly send a signal to the Guardian Medical Monitoring and Command Center.

Signal Recieved

A Guardian Care Representative will immediately evaluate the situation and call you to confirm that everything is ok.

Action Taken

If you are in need of assistance, a we will notify emergency personnel and authorities to take action immediately.

Never Talk to a Machine

Get personal support for your Guardian service by trained, UL/FM certified alarm advisers 24 hours a day, every day.

24/7 Fail-Safe Monitoring

Guardian’s Medical Monitoring Center is equipped to power secure monitoring of your home or business.