Home & Yard

This personal help button is perfect for those looking for security both inside and outside of their home.

Home & Yard Help Button


Guardian’s Home and Yard Help Button is a hands-free, personal help button that extends beyond the interior of your home, and provides an expanded range of up to 5 acres. The extended range offers security in the driveway, yard and opposite side of the home. Our Home and Yard Help Button also features the added benefit of a direct connection to the user’s personal caregiver, nurse or family member.


Guardian’s Home and Yard Help Button Features

  • Pendant range is up to 1,000 feet
  • Options for 2-Way Speaker Capabilities
  • Lightweight, pendant can be worn on neck, wrist or belt clip
  • Rechargeable pendant has 4-6 months of battery time
  • Water resistant and visual alarm indicator for low battery
  • A landline phone is required
  • Options for Emergency Wall Button
  • Connects you to Guardian’s 24-hour Medical Monitoring and Command Center
  • Help from caring, well-trained professionals in the first critical moments of an emergency
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