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How to Secure Your Home While on Vacation

It’s vacation time! Your bags are packed, plane tickets are booked, and your much-needed relaxation is about to begin. But, picking up and leaving for long periods of time can put your home at risk. There is a wide range of things that can happen while you’re away, and it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure none of those things occur.

Putting together some security measures will not only provide safeguards for your home, but they’ll give you peace of mind while you’re relaxing on vacation. Let’s go over some ways you can help prevent home break-ins so you can enjoy your time away from home.

  • Don’t Leave Your Keys Out

You might be thinking that your hiding spot for a spare key is brilliant, but not really. Thieves know all the common hiding places for keys, such as in a flowerpot, under the mat, behind a window shutter, and other areas. With so many smart home security features offered today, such as automatic door locks and keypad entry codes, leaving keys outside is no longer the best practice. The best thing that you can do is take your keys with you and loan a spare to someone you know.

  • Unplug Any Non-Essential Electronics

Unplugging non-essential electronics, such as televisions, laptops, coffee machines, and fans, can save you money on your energy bill while you’re away. The energy used by electronics while they’re unused – also called phantom power – can account for as much as 10% of your annual energy bill. Unplugging electronics also protects your home from electrical surges, which can cause electronics to short out or even start a fire. Electrical fires account for 13% of all home fires in the United States, and there’s little you can do about it if you’re away from home when anything goes wrong.

  • Don’t Post on Social Media Until You’re Home

As tempting as it is during your trip, try to be discreet when posting on social media. Focus this time on relaxing and taking as many pictures as you wish. Then, once you’re home, post your pictures for your friends and family to see. If you really want to post while you’re away, you can set most of your social media profiles to be private or with limited access from those you haven’t followed or added as a friend.

  • Have Someone Keep an Eye Out

If you’re leaving your home for a long time, it’s best to have someone keep an eye out while you’re gone. Tell a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member that you’ll be out of town. Have them retrieve your mail, shovel snow, cut grass, and give them a spare key. By having someone you know to stop by every day or two, as well as continue regular routines (putting out trash cans, bringing in deliveries, etc.) you can avoid the chance of a burglar targeting your home.

  • Consider Investing in a Home Security System

While some DIY security measures work for certain things, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind you get with a professionally installed security system. When you install a home security system, you can relax knowing that your home is protected and monitored 24/7. Features like the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app allow you to control every part of your home security, even when you’re not at home. From viewing live and recorded footage to receiving disarm photo alerts, you’re always connected and in control of your home security.

Guardian Alarm can assist you with which home security features are the best fit for your home. Our specialists will perform a complete security assessment to determine product placement, teach you how your new system works, and ensure that you feel both safe and comfortable. Plus, we operate our own 24/7 local monitoring center, guaranteeing that your system is always standing guard and keeping you safe.

Whether you’re relaxing by the beach or hiking in the mountains, Guardian Alarm provides you with the unmatched security features, technology, and monitoring you need to enjoy your vacation. Should you need additional peace of mind, our security specialists are local and available to address any of your concerns. At the end of the day, it’s more than just protecting your home during a vacation. Guardian Alarm keeps you, your family, and your home safe through years of dependable service.

About Guardian Alarm

Founded in 1930, Guardian Alarm is the Midwest’s largest alarm company committed to keeping your home safe while you enjoy your vacation. We have years of experience protecting homes of all sizes using only the most advanced products and technology in monitored home security.

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