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DIY vs Monitored Home Security

DIY vs. Monitored Home Security Systems

With so many security options out there today, how do you make a choice? Do I go with an option where you install and monitor on your own? Do I have it professionally installed and monitored? Does my monitoring system connect to any other devices in my home? These are common questions for a lot of people.

While you ultimately have to make a decision that is right for your needs, you will gain a lot from a professionally installed and monitored security system.

  • Easy on You: You will set up an appointment with a professional technician who will talk you through your security needs and ensure that the system is set up and working. You don’t have to worry about the install and can rely on the expertise of the installer to secure your house in a way that meets your needs.
  • Peace of Mind: When you go with a professionally installed and monitored security system, you can rest assured that your home and the people you love are being protected. At Guardian Alarm, we monitor your home 24/7. We offer all of the technology and features you need but also offer over 88 years of experience in the security business, leaving you feeling protected and secure.

The bottom line is – do you really want to handle the installation that can often be complicated and time-consuming? People often think professionally installed and monitored systems only offer you “basic” products and services. But that simply isn’t true. At Guardian Alarm, our products and services are of the highest quality! Arm and disarm your system from our Guardian Connect app. Make your home smarter by controlling your locks, lamps, thermostats, and more! See who’s at your door with our new video doorbell. Our system also syncs with your Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. So you get the benefit of a smart, savvy system along with the expertise of our trained team to monitor your property 24/7.

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