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Why Virtual Guardian™ Remote Video Monitoring?

Virtual Guardian™ remote video monitoring is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional off-site security solution for your business. We can protect your people and assets by getting ahead of unwanted behavior to help prevent theft or harm before it happens. Virtual Guardian remote video monitoring partners with loss prevention, security, and human resources to create a solution that ultimately translates into reduced operational costs, increased profits and helps companies protect their people, site, assets, and brand.


Virtual Guardian™ remote video monitoring provides long-range perimeter protection for scrap yards. It begins with the perimeter of the property. The primary objective is to protect against any loss or injury. Our 360-degree presence allows us to get ahead of unwanted behavior. This is done through proactive guard tours to generate consistent awareness of the security presence on site. Secondly, Virtual Guardian™’s remote video monitoring utilizes onboard video analytics to identify any perimeter intrusion. This allows the ARC video analyst to intercept any unwanted activity and intervene in real-time by either deflecting the activity with customized audio security announcements and notifying management, or dispatching police at the first sign of threat. This type of confirmed video verification is able to alert police of a needed tier 1 priority dispatch needed based on activity witnessed by the ARC.


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