24/7 Monitoring

of your home, business and medical systems

For over 20 years Stacey has worked in all areas of Guardian’s Customer Service Department. She is the go-to person regarding alarm and customer service process. Stacy is dedicated to providing leading customer service everyday. She has built her career and family around this principle while working at Guardian Alarm.


Tamika is fluent in all areas of operation from monitoring alarms, service dispatch, troubleshooting, technical support, billing and retention. She is without a doubt the definition of alarm industry experience. Tamika has also built both her family and career for over 20 years as a GAC employee.


Shila has the perfect temperament to talk with customers during critical situations. Shila is patient, caring and compassionate in her role as a Customer Service Agent. Shila’s consistent, calm and relatable approach when dealing with customers allows her to provide over-the-top Customer Service.

We Thrive at creating an environment that helps to maintain the highest level of interaction and customer satisfaction for our customers.


We know how important our job is. Guardian Alarm has a vision and culture focused around the families and businesses we serve. Together, our monitoring agents have over two decades of tenure and security industry knowledge focused solely on providing professional monitoring services for our Home, Business and Medical security customers and partners.

Our monitoring agents have spent time in various positions as they’ve moved through the stages of their personal life while building their career, serving Guardian Alarm customers. Our agents are empathetic and caring and thrive in the specialized environment of the customer monitoring center. Not only are they employees, but they are loyal Guardian Alarm customers too.

These monitoring agents are a close-knit group and are empowered to work across the organization and make decisions to troubleshoot, provide solutions and resolve problems. Never alone behind the shield, they are closely partnered with a variety of specialized internal groups and external groups that help them to provide notification services to law enforcement, fire departments and various emergency response organizations when required.

The company continues to invest in training for our associates, and technology improvements to help create a secure, state-of-the art, UL Listed monitoring facility.

Get to know us, we’re the people behind the shield.

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