Secure your Future with Guardian

Let Guardian help you develop and design a Security Guard Program to meet any and all of your safety and security needs including building management, security guards, advanced technology and equipment, bodyguards, vehicle patrols and private investigation services that only Guardian can offer. For over 85 years, Guardian has guaranteed the highest standards of professionalism and honesty.


Arm your business with superior protection with highly trained security guards, officers, escort bodyguards and more.


Provide outstanding customer service and protect assets while managing building security.


Utilize state-of-the-art programs and advanced technology for solutions for the modern world.


Be confident in knowing that when you team with Guardian Security, we will assist and work with you to achieve all security goals.

Officers & GuardsUncompromising standards

A security company is only as good as its representatives, so we work hard to make sure our officers and guards represent both Guardian and our clients. Our seasoned and experienced security team works diligently to meet and exceed all client expectations. With Guardian, you get an extensive, seasoned security team working directly for you.

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  • i-12 Qualified professionals
  • i-12 Uniform Options
  • i-12 Background Screening
  • i-12 On-going Training

Armed & Unarmed Security

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Mobile & Foot Patrol

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Executive Protection

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Escort Bodyguards

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  • i-13 Portable Shelters
  • i-14 Building Management
  • i-16 Asset Tracking
  • i-15 Investigation

Management & Support

Guardian Alarm is here to assist and accommodate all of our clients’ security needs. From portable guard shelters and booths, GPS asset tracking, private investigation services and comprehensive building and security management, Guardian is prepared to do it all, from big to small.

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Advanced TechnologYMotivated, DYnamic Solutions

Day or night, be satisfied with knowing that we’re always ready to respond. Our Monitoring and Dispatch Center is equipped to deliver constant, fail-safe monitoring and Guardian Dispatchers track patrol vehicles and record crucial details and images with advanced technology. Get comprehensive protection with Guardian.

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Transition Process

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Contract Comparison

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